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KFC Skin Piles (2001)

Vinyl Rip
MP3 & FLAC Downloads

Giant Robot (1991 Demo Tape)

Extremely rare Buckethead Demo Tape from 1991

EL Stew - The Rehearsal

Full OOP Album.
Lossless FLAC now available.

Live @ Virgin Megastore (1998)

Live video bootleg from Virgin Megastore, San Francisco (4th March 98)

Live @ Aggie Theatre (2008)

Live video bootleg from the Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins, CO (6th March 08)
Full show

Mortal Kombat - Original Score

OOP Movie Score. Features Buckethead on guitar, and Brain on drums.

PBS Soundstage

Buckethead's performance on Bill Laswell's Soundstage - Axiom Sound System Musical Freezone

Electric Sea

Posted: 20th January 2012

Electric Sea

New Buckethead solo release.

Purchase at

Buckethead Pikes

Posted: 1st June 2011

Captain EO's Voyage

First 2 albums of the Buckethead Pikes series, available to buy now.

More Details HERE

Captain EO's Voyage

Posted: 22nd October 2010

Captain EO's Voyage

New Buckethead solo release.

Available to Download from iTunes now.

More Details HERE